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By accessing the website at the address http://upload.az, and using its services, you automatically agree to the agreement listed below and the Terms of Service. You confirm that You have read all of the Terms of Service, and fully understand the essence of agreement. You unconditionally agree to abide by all the points of agreement.

Here are some basic rules, terms and conditions of service:

1) By using the Service, you are forbidden to pursue any unlawful, illegal and unauthorized purposes, relying on the laws of your country of residence, as well as on international law.

2) Service is not responsible for data and content posted by users, as well as and is not responsible for the content of the Content.

3) Users are prohibited from uploading on the Service and to store any Content, entrapping or violating anyone's copyrights, patents, trademark rights, commercial or personal secrets belonging to someone else. Users are prohibited from uploading and storing Content that contains illegal or cracked versions of any software. Malware, viruses, trojans and other content that could harm users' computers are forbidden.

4)By uploading content to the service, the user fully understands and agrees that the responsibility for the Content and its content lies with the User.

5) Users are prohibited from uploading using the Service illegal content, containing - any material violation of laws in the distribution of pornographic materials, weapons, drugs and illegal substances, extremist materials and information. Providing information and suggestions about exploitation of people, as well as containing scenes - violence, discrimination, and violation of accepted moral and ethical standards.

6) Users can not change the contents of the uploaded Content in any way.

7) Do not in any way interfere with the Service and any of its services. Intervention refers to a violation of correct work of the Service and any action, intentional or not, which may result in harm to the Service.

8) You agree not to harm the image and reputation of the Service by any act or omission.

9) Using the Service, you agree not to use automated software, scripts, to access the Service and work with the Service, except the software, which we provide as promotional materials and additional features.

10) If You discover any inappropriate content, You have to report it by contacting our support department.

11) Do not use the services and software designed to automatically cheat: statistics of the service, service access, or file downloads.

12) The service is totally free but for premium features, you can register and create your user account on the Service. You can buy Premium Account at any time, on a voluntary basis. Premium account is an subscription. It means that once you order premium upgrade, you agree that we'll autorenew your account once it's expired. You can always cancel autorenew in your account setting. You agree, that once you have paid for any premium services, they are non-refundable.

13) The user undertakes not to transfer personal account for use or access to third parties, including friends and relatives, as well as register more than 1 account without permission from the Service.

14) Responsibility for the safety of your account from access by third parties, is only on you. You agree not to give anyone details to access your account.

15) In case of violation of any paragraph of the above rules, the administration reserves the right, without giving a reason to suspend the user account, or completely remove it from the system without any compensation of payments that were made.

16) Service is not responsible for the untimely service delivery, associated with delays in payment processing by the payment systems. Neither the Service nor the administration of service, shall be liable to anyone for suspension or termination of services.

17) The administration reserves the right to remove any Content or User Account, without explanation, to improve the quality of service, if the user has violated this agreement, either intentionally or unintentionally caused damage to the Service, and for other reasons, without refund of any payments to or without notice and without incurring liability for damages suffered by you as a result of such action.

18) The administration reserves the right to change this agreement at its sole discretion, at any time, with or without notice.

19) All information on this site, except for user-generated content, functionality provided by payment systems and advertisers, is the intellectual property administration services, and is protected by copyright and intellectual property law in line with current legislation.

20) Using the service, you acknowledge that you have all rights to enter into this agreement with the Service.

21) Members, who do not approve of, do not read or do not agree with this agreement shall not be entitled to use any services or features of the Service and are asked to immediately leave the website.

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